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Born on December 18, 1992, at Refaja Hospital in Stadskanaal. Inspired by legends like David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, and Bon Jovi, I started making music at the age of 12.

Singer & Songwriter

I write musical stories for myself and others. If you want to hear all the stories I’m about to tell, follow me on social media

…But in English!

I embarked on a project titled “…But in English,” where I covered several old Dutch songs, including Wies Cavé’s “Huisje Bij De Brug” and Jannes’ “Ga Maar Weg.” The latter was released as a single titled “Walk Away” and quickly became a highly requested song on numerous radio stations.

But that’s not all! I’m thrilled to announce that I’m back with a brand-new translation. This time, I’ve taken on Mieke’s legendary hit “Mijn Engelbewaarder” and created a unique English version titled “My Guardian Angel.” The song captures the essence of the original while delivering a fresh and captivating experience. I’m excited to share this new rendition with my fans and music enthusiasts alike. Let the magic of “My Guardian Angel” unfold.



“My Guardian Angel”

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