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On December 18, 1992, I came into the world at Refaja Hospital in Stadskanaal, where I was welcomed by my mother, Dina, and my father, Joseph. It didn’t take long to realize that I wasn’t alone, as I was soon introduced to my two sisters, Maria and Anita.

David Bowie

When I was 12 years old, I heard the song “Space Oddity” by David Bowie. Inspired by this song, I decided that I wanted to make music. It all started with guitar lessons. After guitar lessons, piano lessons followed quickly, and small performances with others began. But I wanted more…


After obtaining my high school diploma, I started a music education in Groningen. It was here that I also formed my first band called “EpicAfterAll.” In this band, I was the lead singer, and we wrote our own songs. One of these songs was recorded in the school’s studio in 2011. This song is called “Road To Happiness,” and you can listen to it below.

Midnight Company

In December 2012, I received a message from Reinder Hommes, who had found me through the internet. He asked if I would be interested in jamming with his band, “Midnight Company,” to see if I could be their new lead singer. As they say, actions speak louder than words, and on December 29, 2012, I became the new lead singer of the melodic hard rock band, “Midnight Company.”

We’ll Shine Tonight

In early 2013, my first solo single titled “We’ll Shine Tonight” was released. It was a self-written song recorded at Joly & Terry West’s studio. Unfortunately, Joly passed away later that year, and my song became the last recorded track with her voice on it.

Ode to Bowie

For quite some time, I had been toying with the idea of paying tribute to David Bowie, the man who ignited the music passion within me. When he passed away in early 2016, the moment had come to pursue this idea. I reached out to Nick van der Lei and asked if he and his band would be willing to be my backup band for this one-time tribute on RTV Stadskanaal.


However, things went so well that we stuck together. Under the collective name “Aron Daze,” we transformed into a versatile tribute band. From small acoustic sessions to larger performances with brass instruments and all, we guarantee quality!



In 2017, specifically for the launch of RTV1’s TV channel, the regional broadcaster of the Veenkoloniën, I revamped and recorded the song “Heroes” by David Bowie. You can listen to this recording below.


In 2018, I was approached by singer Burdy with a request to collaborate on a Groningen-language single about the province of Groningen. Together with Burdy, Bert Zwier, Jessy, Olaf Vos, and Henk Harders, I entered the studio with Martin Sterken to record the single “Hoog ien t Noorden.” I also had the opportunity to create the music video and CD cover.


In 2018, we also decided to start Aron Daze – The Acoustic Experience. Full evening programs performed acoustically by my partner Nick and me. Want to know more? Visit

…But in English!

How would Dutch hits sound in English? A question I had been asking myself for a while. In September 2020, I started writing English covers of Dutch hits. The first translation was a cover of “Ga Maar Weg” by Jannes, which was a big breakthrough. The reactions were overwhelming, and the segment “…But in English” has now become a weekly feature on national radiostation Radio Continu! But that’s not all…

Walk Away

After releasing the cover of “Ga Maar Weg,” I received a phone call from producer Martin Sterken, the man who originally wrote the song. He was so impressed and wanted to record this version with me. So, as they say, it was done, and unexpectedly on October 14, 2020, my next single “Walk Away” was born!

Even more english!

In the following weeks, I continued translating more Dutch hits into English and posted them as live covers online. These live versions were also broadcasted on various radio stations. Unfortunately, due to prolonged illness, I had to temporarily suspend the project.

My Guardian Angel

In early 2022, I decided to resume the “…But in English” project. In 2020, I had already partially translated Mieke’s song “Mijn Engelbewaarder” and chose to complete the rest of the translation. Initially, I retreated to my home studio and posted a cover online. The response was so overwhelming that I once again reached out to Jan de Vrieze and Martin Sterken to collaborate on making this song a full-fledged single.


My father was a taxi driver for 30 years, and he worked night shifts for 18 of those years. During that time, he was involved in several traffic accidents, and it was always nerve-wracking for us when he went out on the road. Because the song hit so close to home, there was only one person I wanted as the lead actor in my music video, and that was my own father.

Fortunately, he agreed to be part of it, and I managed to convince my mother to take on a small role as well. I am incredibly proud and grateful for this outcome, and I hope that the true message of the song shines through in this music video.


After the release of the single, the overwhelmingly positive responses kept pouring in. One particularly special response for me was from Mieke Gijs, the original singer of “Mijn Engelbewaarder”. Under the YouTube video, she posted the following in Dutch:
The song started gaining national attention as well. Mattie & Marieke played the song on their morning show on QMusic, and Marcel de Vries played it for his listeners on NPO3

The story continues..

Well, here the story comes to its temporary end. Of course, I will continue making music and I hope to bring joy to many people with my performances. I hope to see you all soon! 🙂